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Flat/Corrugated Extrusion Sheet Line / PC & ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

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Brand: Flat/Corrugated Extrusion Sheet Line / PC & ABS Sheet Extrusion Line
Price: Negotiable
Supply Amount:
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Company Details
This machine is for high heat thermoplastic molding applications such as the production of protective exteriors on luggage and electronics casings. Product features excellent heat resistance.

Item Description
Materials PC/ABS/PMMA/PP
Extruder Main screw Ø90mm, Ø100mm, Ø120mm, Ø150mm, Ø180mm
Auxiliary screw Ø35mm, Ø55mm Ø75mm
Extruder Power 10kW~375kW High efficiency AC three phase frequency converter motor
Output 200kg~800kg/hr
Line Speed (max) 10M/min
T-DIE Die head width 900mm~2500mm
Product width 800mm~2400mm
Product thickness 1.5~15mm.
Forming Rollers Ø300~Ø500mm x 3set
Laminate Release 1set
Cooling Conveyor 1set
Protective Film Coating Machine 1 Set - Single surface or two surfaces
Pull Rollers 1set
Slitter 1 Set - 2 or 3 blades
Cutter Hydraulic or toothed cutter
Automatic Hydraulic Lift 1set
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