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Constant frequency box type air conditioning

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Price: Negotiable
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Delivery: 12/31/2019
Valid until: 2019-12-31
Company Details
FO-100 /  FIL-100
FO-125 /  FIL-125
FO-150 /  FIL-150

Floor-standing box air-conditioning is suitable for large spaces or business place. The wind amount is heavy, the cold cycle speed is faster and the effect is better.
Such as: offices, business place, Internet cafes, snack bars, all kinds of catering industry, convenience stores, karaoke box, large banquet places.....etc.
Reservation function - automatically turn-on and turn-off power
Body material - galvanized steel coating
Protection Device - Overheat Cutoff / Overcurrent Fuse / Machine Abnormal Code Display
Control method - microcomputer control
Soundproofing - host soundproofing

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