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Heat recovery wall-mounted air conditioner

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Price: Negotiable
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Delivery: 12/31/2019
Valid until: 2019-12-31
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FO-63P /  FIW-63
FO-75P /  FIW-75
FO-90P /  FIW-90
FO-100P /  FIW-100

The core of heat recovery technology is the heat collector, the heat collector only needs to recycle the superheated steam part of the compressor refrigerant exhaust, if the recycled refrigerant will form a liquid in the heat collector, so that the refrigerant liquid in the condenser cannot be effectively cooled, thus affecting the host performance, Therefore, the design of heat collector should consider the recovery of waste heat as far as possible, but also consider not to affect host performance, SAPORO air-conditioning carefully designed to recover waste heat is no longer difficult.

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