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Haruki Far Infrared

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Model: Easy Pad (S)
Price: 500.00US/
Min.Order: 12
Supply Amount:
Delivery: Shipment within 30 days since the date of payment
Total Quantity:OEM
Valid until: Never Expire
Company Details
selec high FIR emission material from natural mining through High-tech grinding process into nano-grade powerand after repeated test and adjustment to find the best and proprietary formula.

Laboratory proofs whose emission rate is about 85% at 34℃. When heated to 60℃, emission rate is over 90%.Composite the FIR ceramic nano-powder and high temperature tolerable non-toxic soft gel into brand new FIR film materials. It is soft and flexible, and can be coated on various surface or attach to our body.

Profession-use / Hospital & Clinic Competent Application
‧Soft and comfortable, fit to every part of body
‧Directly attached to body, significant effect of the treatment position.

High-grade Safety
‧DC power, safety and no EM waves
‧Over-heat and overload protection, smart temperature control

Easy & Convenient
‧Easy to operate, no professional training required
‧Can be accommodated to save the space of treatment room

Infection Free
‧Jacket can be removed to wash or use disposable film to prevent the interactive infection, suitable for all medical units.
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