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Root Bang

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Price: Negotiable
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Delivery: Shipment within 45 days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Company Details

Root Bang is in liquid form containing high concentration of Potassium Glutamate.

【Product details】

Organic matter: 12.5%
Total Nitrogen (N): 1.5%
Total Potassium (K): 3.5%


1. Root Bang is 100% Water-soluble providing potassium to prevent or correct Potassium deficiencies immediately.

2. Root Bang enhances root growth and development by Potassium delivering and gene regulation by glutamic acid.

3. Root Bang promotes the crop quality and yields by improving the nutrient utilization of the crops.

4. Root Bang increases the crop tolerance of abiotic stresses to survive during drought, salinity, heat, cold or even high light.

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