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Amino-Chela Amino Ca & Mg

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Amino-Chela Amino Ca & Mg

Amino Ca & Mg is amino acids chelating Calcium and Magnesium which are absorbed through amino acid transporters on cell membrane.

【Product details】

Organic matter: 20%
Total Nitrogen (N): 3%
Water-soluble Calcium Oxide (Ca): 1%
Water-soluble Magnesium Oxide (Mg): 1%


1. Amino Ca & Mg is 100% Water-soluble amino acid chelating Calcium and Magnesium for foliar spray.

2. Amino Ca & Mg provides amino acid chelating minerals with maximum bioavailability and fulfill the needs of the crops immediately.

3. Amino Ca & Mg is absorbed by the crops quickly to strengthen cell walls and increase the photosynthetic activity.

4. Amino Ca & Mg promotes the crop quality and yields by improving the nutrient utilization of the crops.

5. Amino Ca & Mg increases the crop tolerance of abiotic stresses to survive during drought, salinity, heat, cold or even high light.

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