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Heat-pipe type Heat Recovery System - Principle

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  • Ecostat Heat Pipe System is used as heat exchanger between two gas streams.
  • Combine the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition
  • Take advantage of heat of hot gas to evaporate the working fluid.
  • Vapor migrates along cavity to lower temperature area
  • Vapor condenses to liquid by releasing the heat to cold gas
  • Working fluid returns to higher temperature area
Arrangement Alternatives

Air Pre-Heating (APH) for Boilers
Around Catalytic Converter (DENOx)

round Catalytic Converter (DENOx)
DeSOx Equipment (Around Flue Gas Desulfurisation)

Features and Advantages of Ecostat Waste Heat Recovery System

Features Advantages  
Simple plant geometry, compact design
Ease of erection and inspection
  • Simple and compact design
  • Horizontal and vertical arrangement
  • Partition plate with sealing tight
  • Regiment of independent heat pipe
  • Low pressure dro (fan with low power)
  • No requirement for additional auto control system and safe
  • No requirement for movable component and promoting energy
  • Easy fabrication, modeling and inspection
  • High reliability and availability
Arrangement horizontal or vertical Flexible for installation
Large number of independent pipes
High reliability and availability
Minor pressure drop
Low fan power consumption
Gas-tight, no leakage
No risk of mixing of gas streams
No moving parts
No additional energy necessary
No control and safety elements necessary
Simple configuration
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