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Split Dehumidifier

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Price: Negotiable
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Delivery: 12/31/2019
Valid until: 2019-12-31
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Model:FDO-75H / FDIF-75H

Normally, when the dehumidification mode is turned on, the air conditioner will operate in the same way as the air-conditioning mode. The only difference is that the compressor will run for five minutes and shut down for three minutes. When the compressor is running, the outlet temperature of the indoor unit will be the same as the air-conditioning mode, around ten degrees, that means the general cold dehumidification mode not only reduce the ambient humidity, but also the ambient temperature.
The smart functional “Split Dehumidifier” exclusive add up “air-conditioning independent operating” and “separate dehumidifier independent operating” functions which are epoch-making innovations that allow “dehumidification”, “air-conditioning” and “heating” to be combined into one and become a new product that are indispensable in the family all year round.

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